Hannibal: The Main Characters, Ranked By Likability

2021-02-17 06:36:32

The characters on Hannibal are complex and well-written with many flaws. So, while some are worse people than others, many are likable.

The show Hannibal is a delightfully dark series filled with a lot of murder and also a great deal of art and romance. It’s unlike any other series before or since, and it’s no wonder that fans and critics alike adored it. So, while it might still be canceled, the fan base is still going strong especially now that the series is available on Netflix.

With more people watching the show and steadfast fans are-watching over and over, everyone has their favorite characters. And, the characters on Hannibal are complex and well-written with many flaws. So, while some are worse people than others, even the morally gray can be likable.

10 Bedelia Du Marier

Bedelia is definitely a fascinating character, and since she’s played by the beautiful and talented Gillian Anderson, she’s a perfect addition to the cast. However, she can be a great character and not be likable.

Bedelia is one of the hardest characters to figure out because her motivations are hard to parse out. She’s mostly out for herself, and she’s never exactly honest about how she feels or what she knows. So, it is difficult to trust her at all.

9 Frederick Chilton

Frederick Chilton can be truly obnoxious, and he’s also quite pathetic compared to the elegant and intelligent people all around him. But, there is something about him that’s strangely endearing, and it’s probably because he just doesn’t know when to stop. He might not be likable, and he’s easy to make fun of.

But, his lack of common sense and his arrogance are often fun to watch.

8 Abigail Hobbs

Abigail Hobbs is another character who is less likable because she’s so hard to pin down. While characters like Hannibal are obviously eviler than she is, Abigail’s personality is very fluid and changes to match those around her. While this is an understandable survival tactic given who her father is and that she then has Hannibal as a surrogate father, it’s hard to know who she really is.

Her life is really rather tragic, and her murder is violent and upsetting. Sadly, she’s mostly used as a pawn by the men around her.

7 Hannibal Lecter

Hanibal Lecter could actually be much higher on this list because, despite everything absolutely horrible about him, it’s easy to be charmed and fooled.

This is what makes Mads Mikkelsen’s portrayal so genius. Hannibal is a sociopathic serial killer, but he is very seductive and good at seeming appealing. He’s definitely like a handsome, dark demon in this way, but it’s hard to classify him as likable given the awful things he does to so many people.

6 Jack Crawford

Jack Crawford is one character that is often criticized too much by the fandom, but he’s not unlikeable all the time. He definitely has moments where he can be frustrating, but he’s also in a pretty difficult position.

Strangely, he can even seem similar to Hannibal as they both often justify manipulating others, but, at the end of the day, Jack is trying to save lives while Hannibal has no regard for them.

5 Jimmy Price And Brian Zeller

Price and Zeller might not be the most serious characters on the show, but they are welcome comedy and lightheartedness compared to the rest of the darkness happening around them.

It often feels like they are starring in a completely different series, and they can seem like a bit of a classic comedic duo. However, this does make them enjoyable to watch and really likable, and it’s a welcome reprieve at times.

4 Alana Bloom

Alana Bloom sometimes gets more hate than she deserves in the fandom, and while she’s not a perfect character, she does have a great character arc. Just like most characters in Hannibal’s orbit, she is devastated and betrayed and has to rebuild with even stronger armor in the afterlife, but she also is able to find happiness and love.

Alana is a smart and successful woman, but her judgment is clouded many times when it comes to Hannibal. However, this just goes to show how manipulative he can be.

3 Margot Verger

Margot Verger is one of the most alluring and mysterious characters on the show. It also doesn’t hurt that she’s gorgeous and very fashionable. She’s been a victim of her father and brother in many ways, but she’s also very smart and is able to plan ahead and manipulate in her own way.

She’s well-loved by most fans because there's something really rewarding about seeing a woman get the better of her abuser and thrive in the life she makes for herself.

2 Will Graham

Will Graham is one of the most intriguing characters from the series because he goes from being Hannibal's victim to his equal. Because of his empathetic ability to see the world through the eyes of another, it’s hard to know if what he says is how he actually feels.

However, unlike more evil or unreliable characters, his role as the protagonist makes him especially intriguing. He starts out seeming fragile, but he also is able to get the upper hand over Hannibal in their twisted game. Also, there’s something about him that makes it easy to want to protect him but also feel like he’s a bit scary.

1 Beverly Katz

It’s hard to find something not to like about Beverly. She’s really smart, great at her job, funny, and also compassionate. She is one of the few people who trusted Will about Hannibal, and she is able to see details and think past what is in front of her to find the truth.

She also just has an overall cool factor and sense of laid back style, and everything about her is easy to like. So, it’s no wonder her death was one of the most controversial and sad on the series.