What can we do for Texans?

2021-02-19 09:16:00

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I’ve seen a lot of snark and well-deserved criticism of Texas politicians and Cancun Cruz, but let’s give some more information on ways we can help. Texans, please chime, if you can give some better suggestions. I’m just going with what I’ve gleaned from email requests from organizations I already support or from googling Texas relief.

World Central Kitchen is providing meals in Texas, because that is the kind of thing they do.

American Red Cross reminds us that, in addition to donating funds, people are encouraged to donate blood. Think about the disruption in the normal blood supply in the state during this crisis. Blood donation is something you might be able to afford if money is not an option.

When I searched for Texas relief I found an article in the Rolling Stone listing mutual aid groups as follows.

Austin Mutual Aid : Austin’s mutual aid group is currently raising funds to book hotel rooms for the city’s unhoused population during the snowstorms. The group is also accepting food, water, and toiletries donations from local residents.

Mutual Aid Houston : Houston’s mutual aid group is currently accepting donations on GoFundMe and has provided links to other local organizations assisting during the blackout, including Houseless Organizing Coalition, Crowdsource Rescue, and the Parkhill Capital Foundation.

Feed the People Dallas : This mutual aid collective is currently accepting both cash donations and dry goods items (dried rice, beans, etc.) for its foodservice programs. You can find up-to-date info on mutual aid needs on the group’s Instagram page , or donate items from their Amazon wishlist . If you’re local, you can also volunteer to help prepare and distribute food items around the area.

Para Mi Gente : A San Antonio-based mutual aid group that is providing groceries, emergency housing and other supplies.

Austin Disaster Relief Network : This disaster relief group is accepting monetary donations in order to pay for emergency housing, transportation, and food items.

Lucha Dallas : A Dallas-based BIPOC organization that is currently handing out hot beverages and meals to unhoused people in the city. Donations are accepted via Venmo @luchadallas.

Trinity Mutual Aid : A mutual aid group run by students at Trinity University in San Antonio (unaffiliated with the university administration), providing aid on campus and in nearby communities.

Casa Marianella : An Austin-based organization aiding immigrant families by providing shelter, medical resources, food, clothing and more.

Good for Beto O’Rourke for setting the example of what a caring leader does in a disaster.

Please add your suggestions for aid to TX.