Midsommar: The Characters, Ranked By Intelligence

2021-01-21 19:00:12

Ari Aster's Midsommar became a contender for his best work, far exceeding Hereditary. Here are the characters ranked by intelligence.

Ari Aster's Midsommar came out in 2019 and instantly became a contender for his best work, far exceeding Hereditary . It has a score that's even creepier than the plot , yet is one of the most visually stunning horror movies of the 21st century . When a group of young adults came to witness Hårga's once-in-a-lifetime summer festival, they had no idea that the cult will make them give up on their individuality, either killing them or making them succumb to the cult's rules.

Josh, Connie, Simon, Mark, Christian, and Dani might have come as a group, but they didn't share many personality traits. Some characters knew right away that something fishy was going on, while others were clearly either in denial or simply slow-witted.

10 Mark

Mark was ignorant and unlikable, so many felt like he deserved to die. He urinated on an ancestral tree without ever considering that it might be there for a reason. The worst part is that he didn't even realize he was being disrespectful. He had no idea that this particular summer festival was a dangerous place. Despite being pretty dense, Mark didn't deserve to die such a monstrous death. He was skinned from head to toe.

9 Simon

Simon was a bit more aware of his surroundings than Mark. When they got there, he instantly noticed that something weird is going on, but he didn't listen to his intuition. "So we just gonna ignore the bear then?", he asked, to which Ingemar simply replied: "It's a bear."

Simon's only mistake was trusting his friend Ingemar and coming to the festival. Once they were there, it was too late anyway.

8 Ulf

Ulf was a practical young man; he helped take out Josh while wearing Mark's skin, which was one of the scariest scenes in the entire movie . He proved himself to be an important member of the community by killing them and thus volunteered to be sacrificed. Ulf and Ingemar "have brought outside offerings, thus volunteering their own bodies for sacrifice".

It seemed like Ulf thought he was dying for a good cause. He trusted the Hårga's tranquilizer and believed that he wouldn't feel pain while burning to death. As he was dying, he must have realized he was lied to. There is no way he didn't blame himself for being so naive.

7 Christian

Jack Reynor's performance was one of the best in Ari Aster's filmography . Not only was Christian a horrible boyfriend, but he also wasn't even aware of his own lack of integrity and selfishness. He stole Josh's thesis idea and dismissed Dani's suffering, thinking that's the way of getting the cult's approval.

He missed the point completely, though. Hårga values togetherness and community above all else, not individuality and getting ahead by cutting others down.

6 Maja

Maja, the magick girl, ranks high on this list simply because she knew what was in store for her at the festival and was clearly on board with the plan. She sent Christian a 'magic' drink and stole glances every chance she got.

There isn't much room for individuality in cults, so Maja's personality remains a secret.

5 Josh

Nobody was as excited about witnessing the summer festival as Josh was. He was clearly really smart: he wanted to come across as respectful and professional while satiating his natural thirst for knowledge. He knew all about ättestupa and chances are that he realized what was about to go down when he was going through his notes prior to sneaking off to take the pictures.

Josh was smart, but he unfortunately overestimated himself. He should have known better than anybody else that something dodgy might go down while visiting the mysterious festival.

4 Connie

Connie was the first one who expressed her discomfort about coming to the festival. She was much more intuitive than the rest of the group and was probably way more terrified because of it. She knew right away that Simon would not leave without her, but when she screamed for her friends to help her, they did nothing.

While the rest of the group was passive, gullible, and "brainwashable," Connie was proactive, assertive, and inquisitive.

3 Siv

Siv is the female cult leader and for that job, one has to be incredibly intelligent, manipulative, and composed all at the same time. Her ceremonial declaration is one of Midsommar 's most memorable quotes : "This high my fire. No higher. No hotter."

Siv led all the events and ran the show from the background. She encouraged Christian to have sex with Maja, not really giving him much of a choice.

2 Dani

If it wasn't for Dani's intelligence, she'd be completely lost in life. Not only did she just suffer excruciating trauma, but she's also highly codependent and used to being devalued in her romantic relationship. That's why she found her place in the cult; of all the characters, she was most desperate to belong.

Dani was clearly very smart and empathetic. She probably knew that the cult was grooming her all along, but she let go of control and just went with it.

1 Pelle

Pelle was tasked with bringing fresh blood to the summer festival and he did it so effortlessly that he deserves to be considered the most intelligent character in Midsommar . He knew exactly what to say and when; he technically never lied but carried himself in a way that made everybody trust him.

Pelle orchestrated for Dani to become the May Queen and thus avoided dying in the sacrifice. This is a guy who knows how to do both: participate in a cult without giving up his freedom completely.