Firefly Lane: The Main Characters, Ranked By Intelligence

2021-03-01 23:27:58

The emotional Netflix series Firefly Lane has many complex characters, including Katherine Heigl's Tully, but some are smarter than others.

In the Netflix adaptation of Kristin Hannah's book Firefly Lane , Kate (Sarah Chalke) and Tully's (Katherine Heigl) friendship is fierce and heartbreaking. After connecting because of a tragic night in Tully's teenage life, the two were part of each other's daily lives and they knew everything about each other.

Firefly Lane is a great friendship drama that spans various time periods and includes fun retro hairstyles and clothing. The main characters each have their own high points and tragedies, and while some seem to be intuitive, others are a bit less intelligent.

10 Bud

Kate and Sean's father Bud (Paul McGillion) wasn't a person without any intelligence at all, but compared to his family members and the other main characters, he's ranked pretty low.

Bud worked to support his family, and he was smart enough to know that his wife was having an affair. But besides that, he was a traditional person who didn't support his son enough, as he had high expectations for Sean and didn't think that he was measuring up to them.

9 Marah

Kate and Johnny's daughter Marah (Yael Yurman) is smart, but she doesn't apply herself and she acts out because of her parents' impending divorce.

Kate might have been kind of impressed when Marah and her friend protested against dissecting frogs in science class, but Marah should have realized that if she kept up the pranks at school, she could be expelled. She was so upset about her family situation that she didn't stop to think about the consequences. In a few years, once she's off at college, Marah will likely be a bit more mature.

8 Cloud

Tully's mom Cloud (Beau Garrett) was spent a lot of time using drugs when Tully was growing up. Cloud loved her daughter, but there were a lot of problems in the relationship.

Cloud is both smart and not-so-smart. She's smart because she does change her life when she's older and reach out to Tully, but she also makes a bad call when she deals drugs.

7 Margie

Kate's mom Margie (Chelah Horsdal) is up there with other great mothers on TV .

While it wasn't right to have an affair, Margie only did that because she felt trapped by her life, which was focused on domestic pursuits and not much else. This storyline shed light on how many women in the 1970s (and beyond) wondered if they could balance motherhood and their own dreams. Margie was always kind to Kate, and she told Kate that she was too young to really understand the pain that Tully and Cloud were in, which was really smart and perceptive.

6 Sean

Kate's brother Sean (Jason McKinnon) is incredibly intelligent and kind. While the two never got along when they were growing up, that's because he was grappling with his sexuality and he didn't feel comfortable sharing that with his sister.

It seems that Sean's partner Richard died of AIDS , which is heartbreaking and tragic, and Sean had to carry this around. In the season 1 finale, Sean told Kate that he was gay and that his marriage was over, and he asked if he could stay with her. Kate was thrilled to have her brother back in her life. Sean was always perceptive and kind, and he understood Tully in a way that others didn't as the two had a special bond.

5 Max

Tully's season 1 love interest Max (Jon Ecker) is one of the most intelligent characters on Firefly Lane .

An EMT who was taken with Tully from the moment that he met her, he was emotionally mature and understood that Tully wasn't ready to give him her heart fully. While he was thrilled that she wanted to get married and have his baby, after she had a miscarriage, she pushed him away once again. Max has street smarts and while he might not have been as rich as Tully, he knew that family and love are incredibly important.

4 Johnny

There are many sad movies about marriage or relationships , and it's always emotional when a TV show examines the demise of a long-term romance.

Kate's husband Johnny (Ben Lawson) is one of the smartest people on the show. He would be ranked higher, but he tends to listen more to his own wants and needs than other people's, which is why he decided to go into a war zone even though Kate and Marah were terrified. Kate loved him as soon as she met him at the TV news show where she and Tully worked as young adults, and he was smart enough to realize that she was the one for him. Johnny is an ambitious journalist who understands that the real stories are the ones that don't always get viewers or money.

3 Travis

When she was having marriage problems, Kate became interested in Travis (Brandon Jay McLaren), the father of her daughter Marah's friend.

Travis is sweet, clever, and the perfect mix of silly and serious. He wanted to date Kate but understood that she might need some time to get over her impending divorce, so he never pressured her or rushed her into anything. Travis was smart enough to tell that Kate wasn't really over Johnny, and in the time that the two spent together, he proved he was an excellent conversationalist.

2 Kate

It's a lot of fun watching Kate grow up from a teenager with dorky glasses to a woman in her 40s who wants to take on the world.

Kate is the second most intelligent character on Firefly Lane . She has always applied herself and tried hard in school and in life, excelling in the world of journalism. When she got a job in her 40s working for a magazine editor named Kimber (Jenna Rosenow), she quit when Kimber wrote a mean piece about Tully, proving that she has integrity. While Kate let Tully run the show when she was young, she did live her own life as she got older and started a family with Johnny.

1 Tully

Tully called her talk show The Girlfriend Hour but while she had a successful career, she could never match that in her personal life.

Because of her tragic past and everything she has experienced, Tully is the most intelligent character on Firefly Lane . She's very self-aware, telling Max that she can't let people in and that she doesn't think she's cut out for motherhood. She knows that she's always going to have pain because her mother ignored her, and she considers Kate to be family. Hopefully, if the show comes back for a second season, Tully will be able to open up and trust others.