Cooking with Power Tools provides a unique way to prepare food

2021-02-10 04:59:57

cooking with power tools
Why use expensive kitchen appliances, if you have a power tool to hand? Cooking With Power Tools is a new range of six unique attachments that can easily be used with any cordless electric drill providing a unique way to prepare your ingredients. Every item in the Cooking with Power Tools set was designed with the power of your drill in mind, say its creators.

Early bird pledges are now available for the interesting project from roughly $44 or £32 (depending on current exchange rates) . If the Cooking with Power Tools campaign successfully raises its required pledge goal and manufacturing progresses smoothly, worldwide shipping is expected to take place sometime around May 2021. To learn more about the Cooking with Power Tools utensil set project watch the promotional video below.

“Cooking with Power Tools is a set of six awesome attachments for any power drill or driver that let you perform basic kitchen tasks up to thirteen million times faster. All accessories are durable, machine washable, and designed to stand up to the extreme power of your drill.”

– THE GRATER – You might think you could grate cheese before, but you haven’t seen the industrial quantities of cheese your power drill is capable of dumping out in mere seconds.
– THE MIXER – Stainless steel egg beater. It doesn’t just beat eggs. It beats YOU. Wait, no it doesn’t. I don’t know, it mixes stuff, you get it.
– THE BLENDER – Tempered food processor. Instantly dices and shreds vegetables, meats, rocks, or anything else you might want to eat.
– THE GRINDERS – Stainless steel salt and pepper grinders. You can even use them by hand if you are feeling rustic.
– THE JUICER – Rock solid fruit squeezer. Use it to effortlessly liquify annoying orbs such as lemons, oranges, and human skulls into incredibly delicious juice. Machined from all natural beechwood for it’s resistance to the citric acid found in your fruits.

“Every item in the Cooking with Power Tools set was designed with the power of your drill in mind. We started with designs that can be used by hand – but quickly realized that they couldn’t handle the POWER! Many plastic components inside typical kitchen appliances just don’t hold up, especially in tools meant to last forever. Instead, we opted for stainless steel, ceramics, and hardwood for every load bearing part. The end result? These aren’t just the only kitchen appliances that let you use your drill – they’ll be the strongest appliances in your kitchen in general.”

For a complete list of all available pledges, stretch goals, extra media and more features for the utensil set, jump over to the official Cooking with Power Tools crowd funding campaign page by following the link below.

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