Hopewell restaurant gets creative to serve customers during water outage

2021-02-16 19:57:36

Rosa’s Italian Ristorante

HOPEWELL, Va. (WRIC) — In Hopewell, residents remain without running water Tuesday night. Water service from Virginia American Water has been cut off twice since Sunday .

With no water, some restaurants have been forced to close for the last few days.

“We thought we would be fine today. Came in this morning, opened as usual and then halfway through, we had to shut it down because the water got cut back off again,” said Terri Faber, manager of Rosa’s Italian Ristorante.

Rosa’s closed its dining room because of the outage. “Everything is on plates, where we’re not able to wash the glassware,” Faber explained.

However, the restaurant has been lucky enough to serve customers with to-go orders. Faber said Rosa’s has other locations in Central Virginia. Employees used coolers to haul ice to Hopewell all day so the restaurant could still cook food.

“Our delivery drivers have been going back and forth,” Faber told 8News, “We’re bringing over the ice and then having to boil the ice to melt it to keep it sanitized.”

The restaurant also turned iced tea dispensers into make-shift faucets, filling them with hot water so cooks can was their hands.

“It definitely hurt our business a lot. We’re not able to have our dine-in available and so our regular customers that are used to being here everyday aren’t here.”

A spokesperson for Virginia American Water told 8News on Tuesday the company’s president would be available for an interview. However, the spokesperson then canceled and said the president will be available for an interview Wednesday.

In a news release, Virginia American Water said once water service is restored, business and residential customers should still conserve and boil water until further notice.