HOROSCOPE: Here's what your week looks like

2021-02-22 08:00:00

Aries - Rest and recharge this week. Go within not without. You’ll get something money can’t buy - some peace of mind.

Taurus - A recent setback isn’t as bad as you thought. You’ll quickly recoup what you thought you had lost.

Gemini - Like Taurus, there’s a tendency to blow things out of proportion. Talk things over with a trusted friend or a counselor. You’ll soon be able to iron things out.

Cancer - Keep doing what you’ve been doing. Your perseverance will pay off. In fact, you’re already seeing good results.

Leo - Don’t reopen an old would. Let bygones be bygones if you want this to end well.

Virgo - Don’t take everything so literally.  Listen to what isn’t being said. Read between the lines.

Libra - You have what you need and yet you’re uneasy. Be grateful instead and you’ll attract more.

Scorpio - This isn’t the time to travel or make a big move. Progress is blocked. If the decision is yours, it’s best to stay put.

Sagittarius - Don’t get overly involved or jump to any conclusions. Step back and detach. Just observe for now.

Capricorn - Move forward with confidence. Your radar is good. You’d know if something wasn’t right.

Aquarius - Your success is well-deserved. It’s not a question of good luck when you’ve  worked hard and put your talents to good use.

Pisces - Don’t try to speed things up. Let this develop gradually. All good things take time.