Roswell: The Main Characters, Ranked By Intelligence

2021-02-05 11:30:10

Sci-fi intrigue meets teen drama on '90s series, Roswell. From waitress Liz to alien Max, which characters were the smartest in the New Mexico town?

Mix alien-human hybrids with teen romance and a small town full of secrets, and it's no wonder that '90s drama Roswell was so popular. When Liz Parker (Shiri Appleby) almost died while working her shift at the town diner, Max Evans (Jason Behr) saved her life, and she learned that he, his sister Isabel (Katherine Heigl), and friend Michael (Brendan Fehr) were actually from another planet.

Roswell had everything that teen drama fans were looking for, from many love stories to an exciting science-fiction element that had viewers on the edge of their seats in every episode. As for the main characters, some were smarter than others, although all brought something compelling to the series.

10 Kyle Valenti

At the beginning of the first season, Liz dated Kyle Valenti (Nick Wechsler), the son of the town sheriff.

Liz wasn't interested in becoming serious with Kyle, and he always acted a bit awkward and strange around her, like there was something that she wasn't telling him. Kyle wasn't particularly intelligent and he didn't have a lot to say, so it was no wonder that Liz found Max more exciting than him.

9 Isabel Evans

In all of the best episodes of Roswell , Isabel seemed equal parts normal teenage girl and someone who had experienced a lot in her young life.

On the one hand, Isabel was often ditzy and materialistic, and she loved going on dates and doing her hair and makeup. On the other hand, she was part of the same alien world as Max and Michael, and she had to deal with her fair share of trouble. She did often seem a bit confused, though, which makes her less intelligent than the others.

8 Alex Whitman

Liz and Maria's friend Alex (Colin Hanks) was the class clown at school and often out of the loop, at least in the beginning.

While Alex became a bit more with it as time went on, he always felt a little silly, and that made him less intelligent than some of the other characters in the series. He was good with computers, though, and knew how to do research.

7 Michael Guerin

Michael was a heartbreaking character on Roswell . Unlike Isabel and Max, who had been taken in by a nice family, he lived with an abusive foster parent in an old trailer park.

Michael would have been a great boyfriend , though, as he was an old soul who had been through a lot, and that made him compassionate. He knew that his days in Roswell were most likely numbered and he was hyper-aware of the danger that he and the other aliens were in, even if they tried to ignore it at first.

6 Maria DeLuca

Maria (Majandra Delfino) was a close friend to Liz who freaked out about aliens at first. In the pilot, Maria said, "I can't be the wacky friend to someone who is already wacky."

Maria's place on the show was to offer some comedic relief, and she definitely did that, as she had a great vocabulary full of '90s slang and she made jokes 24/7. But beneath her humorous persona, she was pretty smart. She did what she could to help Liz and even stood up for Isabel early on in season 1.

5 Sheriff Jim Valenti

Sheriff Valenti (William Sadler) wasn't the smartest person living in Roswell, but he did know more than others assumed.

While his fellow cops kept telling him to stay out of the alien business, he wanted to carry on his father's legacy and find the aliens living among the humans.

4 Tess Harding

Tess Harding (Emilie de Raven) was found to be a member of the Royal Four, although at first, it was just Max, Isabel, and Michael.

Tess was super smart but often used her powers to manipulate others. Her fate was to sleep with Max and have his son, and she was supposed to go back to her planet while pregnant. She did just that, and while she might not have been easy to like, she seemed like she had a grand plan at all times.

3 Kathleen Topolsky

Kathleen Topolsky (Julie Benz) appeared in the first season of Roswell, and at first, the students knew her as a substitute math teacher. She shared with Liz that she was the new guidance counselor, but the others could tell that something strange was going on.

It finally came out that Kathleen was an FBI agent, and since she had a photographic memory, that definitely seemed like a perfect line of work for her. Thanks to her skillset, she was one of the smartest characters on the show, although she didn't make it past season 1.

2 Liz Parker

Liz Parker is the second most intelligent character on Roswell . As soon as Max saved her life at the Crashdown Cafe, where she worked as a waitress, she knew that something strange was going on. She was drawn to him immediately and learned his secret. Even in the reboot Roswell, New Mexico , Liz was interested in science .

Liz was always a great student who had big dreams of becoming a scientist. More specifically, she wanted to be a molecular biologist at Harvard, and it seemed like she could get there as she was studious and determined. She was there for Max, his sister, and her friends, and she cared deeply about all of them. She was a classic '90s teen drama protagonist.

1 Max Evans

Max Evans was Liz's love interest and also the leader of the Royal Four. He's definitely the most intelligent character in the series, and he showed his smart mind right away when he was trying to keep his alien identity a secret. As Max told Liz in the pilot about hiding, "We don't tell anyone. We sort of think our lives depend on it."

As the seasons progressed, Max had to become even tougher as his life became incredibly complicated. While at first he just had to seem normal at school and stick to himself, he and Tess had a son, and he had to lead the aliens while looking for him. Max was always cautious and one step ahead of everyone else. While he made bad decisions in his love life , he was capable and had it together.