Frasier: Every Main Character, Ranked By Intelligence

2021-03-05 21:16:06

Dr. Frasier Crane considers himself a total intellectual and while his brother Niles is also smart, not everyone on the sitcom measures up.

As a spinoff from the much broader sitcom Cheers , it was always clear that Frasier was going to be a series focused on the intellectual pursuits of the ever-elitist Dr. Frasier Crane. Of course, along the way, Frasier finds his world once again populated with characters of varying intellectual strengths and failings, just as it was in the world of Cheers .

But unlike on Cheers , Frasier finds himself faced with some near intellectual equals, and perhaps even a character or two who could rightfully claim to be superior to him in intelligence. Whether a member of the KACL radio staff or the Crane family, the main characters of Frasier vary greatly in their intelligence level, always to humorous results.

9 Bulldog Briscoe

It'd be pretty hard to find a dumber character in the world of '90s sitcoms than Bob "Bulldog" Briscoe. Not only is Bulldog a total sexist basically every waking moment of the day, but there's also not much more there to KACL's host of the Gonzo Sports Show.

Known for hitting on any woman that moves, screaming whenever he doesn't get his way, and making one crass joke after another, Bulldog is the total opposite of the intelligentsia that Niles and Frasier identify with.

8 Kenny Daly

While Kenny is far from the complete ignoramus that Bulldog is, it's always a bit confusing to try and figure out how someone as clueless and, oftentimes, airheaded as Kenny Daly wound up running a radio station.

Kenny always means well, but he's almost always blissfully unaware of how things work at KACL and what people think of him. He's a good guy, but it's hard to think there's much more to him than that.

7 Gil Chesterton

Though Gil Chesterton might pride himself on being a man of refined taste, particularly as the host of KACL's Restaurant Beat, it's clear that Gil has his limits in the intellect department.

Somehow even more of a snob than Frasier, Gil is a character who seemingly only exists for the sole purpose of annoying those around him. His haughty personality and condescending behavior stand in direct contrast with his often childish actions and his surprising friendship with Bulldog of all people.

6 Eddie Crane

Surprising as it may be, Frasier is a show in which a dog character is, in fact, much smarter than some of the human beings populating the world around him.

Eddie Crane is a dog unlike most other television dogs. He has character journeys, elaborate costumes, rivals and allies, and much more. He knows how to get on Frasier's last nerve time and again, and he's always there for Martin when he needs him. Eddie is a true man's best friend, and also a source of many of the Frasier 's best sight gags.

5 Daphne Moon

In terms of book smarts, Daphne Moon might not measure up to most of the other characters, but through her super sensory sensitivity and her impeccable and bizarre street smarts, Daphne can more than hold her own against the Crane men.

For 11 seasons, Daphne is one of the show's wittiest characters, even though none of her witticisms have roots in the classics or psychiatry. When Daphne is given her time to shine, it's clear that she's so much more than just Martin's caretaker and Niles' love interest .

4 Roz Doyle

Roz is another character who is absolutely more versed in street smarts than book smarts, but it's never once a question whether she can hold her own either. As one of the only women in the boys' club of KACL, Roz is well-versed in standing up for herself and making her needs known.

Her humor may be one of the more sardonic and cutting of all the series' main characters, and her taste in men might not always be the best, but the one and only Rosalinda Doyle is a true gem from beginning to end, more than earning the position of KACL's Station Manager.

3 Martin Crane

Though he may not always understand the many highbrow references his sons make or share their tastes for the finer things in life, Martin Crane is so clearly the father of the Crane boys and equally responsible for their intellect in many ways.

No matter how different their understandings of the world might be, Martin never fails in keeping up with both of his boys. He might prefer to spend all his time in retirement down at McGinty's with a can of his favorite Ballantine, but he was once a gifted detective who never once lost any of his sharpness.

2 Frasier Crane

Frasier Crane might be the titular character, but at the end of the day, not even he can top the list of the series' most intelligent people.

He boasts an IQ of 129, placing him within the superior intellect category, and he's esteemed in the world of therapy and radio alike. But he has many failings, too, most notably his self-interest, stubborn tendencies, and childishness.

1 Niles Crane

It's the age-old debate at the heart of so much of the series: which Crane brother is smarter ? Though the case is so easily made for both of them and is frequently debated within the series itself, it's clearly Niles who wins out in the end.

Niles might be more neurotic than his older brother (which is truly saying something), but he's often far less immature, far more advanced in his career than his brother, the "lowly" radiotherapist, and boasts a much higher IQ at 156.