Euphoria: 5 Reasons Rue Should Be With Lexi (& 5 She Should Be With Jules)

2021-03-05 21:38:28

The intense relationship between Rue and Jules is front and center in HBO's Euphoria. But could Lexi be a better fit for Zendaya's character?

Rue and Jules are currently the centric couple in Euphoria , as the first season of the series focused on their growth as individuals and their relationship. Although the two share something beautiful, Jules isn't Rue's only option. Rue's best friend, Lexi, is more of a viable love interest than people give her credit for.

Seeds were planted all throughout the show that had viewers wondering if there was something more between them. But should there be? There's definitely a spark of some sort, but can it compare to what she has with Jules? Arguments can be made for both sides.

10 Lexi: She's Rue's Best Friend

Best friends to lovers is a popular trope in fiction for a reason. There's something about two people who already care about each other entering a new phase of their relationship. The most successful romances are often the ones that are rooted in friendship, so Lexi and Rue have a good foundation.

They did admit to growing apart over the years, but they always come back to each other. Plus, Rue seems to trust her, and she opens up to her in a way she can't with anyone else.

9 Jules: They Have An Intense Connection

It's impossible to deny that Rue and Jules share something that goes beyond words. They're like magnets who were drawn to each other from day one. It could be due to the actor's chemistry, the writing, or a combination of all three, but their relationship is deeper than most.

What they have is rare, and it's not something everyone is able to find. It would be a shame for Rue and Jules not to take advantage of what has blossomed between them.

8 Lexi: Rue Believes Jules Cheated On Her

Cheating isn't something that is easily overlooked, but in this situation, the line is a bit blurry. Jules did hook up with her friend when she was out of town, and Rue says in her special that Jules cheated on her. When she opens up about it to her sponsor, Ali, he didn't think it was cheating because they never said they were in a relationship.

In Rue's defense, they spent all their time together, were intimate, and acted as any established couple would. Whether or not they put a label on it, it still didn't feel right for Jules to be with someone else without a second thought. It's difficult to know for sure, but from what viewers have learned about Lexi's character, she'd never make Rue feel the way Jules did.

7 Jules: She Made Rue Want To Get Clean

Rue's a drug addict. That's the entire premise of Euphoria . She returns from rehab in the pilot with no desire to get clean. Seeking out a dealer is one of the first things she does when she comes home.

But once Rue and Jules connect, something about Jules changes her. Life feels a little bit less bleak. Rue never cared about beating the disease until she met the person who made her feel like she could. In that way, Jules probably saved her life.

6 Lexi: Rue Depends On Jules Too Much

There's a difference between a healthy relationship and a co-dependent one . Rue wanting to get clean for Jules is a step in the right direction, but she should be wanting to get clean for herself. Until Rue can do that, she's not in the right headspace for a relationship of this intensity.

It's also unfair to Jules because she feels like the burden of Rue's sobriety is resting on her shoulders. All it takes is one wrong conversation for Rue to end up back at square one. Because they could balance friendship with romance, Lexi and Rue's relationship would have more give and take.

5 Jules: They're At Their Happiest With Each Other

When Rue and Jules are together their smiles can light up a room. This is particularly telling because of Rue's depression and how hard it is for her to find happiness in anything. There's something about Jules that makes Rue believe everything is going to be okay.

Rue embraces life rather than despising it. In Rue's fantasy, she shared an apartment with Jules in absolute bliss. There was nothing extravagant about it other than Jules being by her side. All they need is each other to be content.

4 Lexi: Rue Was Her First Kiss

It was interesting that Euphoria decided to include this tidbit about Rue and Lexi. In a flashback, they're seen kissing , and Rue admits that she was teaching Lexi how to French because she got asked to the school dance.

But could it have been more than that? Lexi pulls away first and she looks like she's in a bit of a panic. It's hard to tell whether it's because she was uncomfortable with what they were doing, or uncomfortable about the feelings she was having.

3 Jules: Rue Is Miserable Without Her

Without Jules around, Rue is downright miserable . It's always difficult to see Rue suffering, but after Jules got on the train and left her, Rue seemed defeated. It was a whole other level of despair. It's one thing not to experience happiness, it's another to experience it and have it ripped away.

The cold hard truth is that Rue might never be happy without Jules. Jules has become her other half, and whether that's a good or a bad thing, there's no tiptoeing around it.

2 Lexi: She Seems To Have A Crush On Rue

It wouldn't make any sense to drop hints about Lexi's feelings for Rue unless the show intended on following through with them. It's subtle, but there are several instances where Lexi appears to be pining over her best friend.

She had an odd reaction to finding out that Rue was in love with Jules and she didn't act happy about it. Lexi is such an underutilized character who deserves more of a storyline. Taking her relationship with Rue to the next level is the perfect opportunity to showcase her more in the second season .

1 Jules: They're In Love

No matter how many reasons a person belongs with someone, the fate of their relationship will always boil down to one simple fact. They have to be in love with each other to make it work. Rue and Jules are and it's clear as day.

Neither one of them can shut off their feelings no matter how hard they try. Even if Rue did decide to give things a shot with Lexi, she would have to move on from Jules before there could be the possibility of anything serious between them.