32 Reasons To Celebrate Getting Older

2021-03-02 15:06:08

3. You Can Take an Additional Tax Deduction The tax deadline for 2018 is April 17 — and it will be less painful for seniors. Under recent tax reform law, the standard deduction for sin


Biden Refuses to Expand Student Loan Forgiveness

2021-02-27 04:05:27

Tero Vesalainen / Getty Images/iStockphoto CNN reported that President Biden reiterated his intention to forgive $10,000 of federal student loan debt as part of pandemic reli


10 mobile clinics opening for COVID-19 vaccines

2021-02-25 03:10:53

FILE - In this Feb. 12, 2021, file photo, scripps health official draws from a vile of the COVID-19 vaccine prior to administering it at their new drive-thru vaccination site at th

End the subminimum tipped wage

2021-02-25 03:00:54

If it’s passed by Congress, President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 relief proposal would do a lot more than fund relief payments and vaccine rollouts. It would also raise the wage floor for all


The Case for a Permanent Stimulus

2021-02-25 03:00:00

Climate change guarantees more crises ahead. Relief measures should kick in automatically. Unemployed laborers wait for work at a dockyard in 1931. The $1.9 trilli


Ditch the obit, the GOP is alive and well

2021-02-25 02:47:12

Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., the House Republican Conference chair, joined from left by Rep. Jason Smith, R-Mo., and Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., the minority whip, responds to report

Affordable Care Act changes proposed

2021-02-25 02:00:00

To the Editor: As part of the Covid Relief Bill in Congress, there are changes being proposed to the Affordable Care Act that would increase access to affordable health plans. Point One:

Letter: Immigration policy taking place under Biden

2021-02-25 01:39:10

On day one, President Biden made a promise to unite Americans. Yet he has set forth a highly partisan immigration bill that will further hurt our recovery from the coronavirus. This is no wa