How the Democratic Senate Could Impact Your Wallet

2021-02-28 04:08:48

The Senate is blue for the first time since 2015, and this could inflate your wallet. Legislation previously rejected by the Republican-led Senate now has a greater chance of passing.

History Will Not be Kind

2021-02-25 03:00:00

To the Editor: The farmers have a wonderful ditty: “Make hay while the sun is shining.” During Trump’s Presidency, the Democrats brought that analogy to a perverse height “seed d


Reader: Democracy is a journey, not a destination

2021-02-25 02:00:00

To the editor: It was a long shot that former-President Trump would be convicted by the Senate, despite insurmountable evidence. But rather than focus on anger, let’s learn from it.

My Two Cents for Thursday, Feb. 25, 2021

2021-02-25 00:00:00

Thompson lawsuit I see where our representative, Bennie Thompson, who became a millionaire while working for the government, has filed suit against Donald Trump, claiming some kind of psyc

The levers of 'fairness'

2021-02-24 23:10:48

I thought it was predictable that the Daily Herald chose to use an article from the Washington Post titled "SNL brings Britney, Cruz together in parody." It mentions that their televisio

Democrats need to focus on people here legally

2021-02-24 23:00:00

Why do Democrats hate legal immigrants and U.S. born citizens ? That’s what I see because they keep pushing to protect people living in the country illegally and let them into or stay in t


The "Hidden" Trump Danger For The GOP In 2022

2021-02-24 22:10:31

I swear, the longer this goes on, the better things get for Democrats. And in the wonderful world of electoral politics, where the cycles sometimes seem to all run together

Where did the oversight go?

2021-02-24 22:00:00

In Sunday’s edition, columnist E.J. Dionne certainly showed an astute grasp of the obvious with his column, “Democrats aren’t fraidy cats anymore.” Who exactly would Democrats have