How to Make a Baby Poop

2021-03-03 01:42:45

© Provided by Fatherly Before parents can understand how to make a baby poop they need to understand what constitutes “normal” stools. “Infants who used to stool


The Best Treadmills for Home Workouts

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© Provided by Fatherly Shopping for a treadmill isn’t the easiest thing, so let’s break it down. There are generally two types of treadmills: The most common type o


How to Talk to Young Kids About Race

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Frequently asked questions from parents of young kids, answered. Alycea Tinoyan for Fatherly This story is part of From The Start: A Par


How to Diagnose and Address Baby Diarrhea

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How to Tell if Your Baby Has Diarrhea © Provided by Fatherly Normal poop for breastfed babies can be light in color and resemble mustard. It may be more watery th


Anti-Bias Games and Activities for Kids

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There are crucial lessons on the path to raising race-conscious kids. These games and activities can help parents get there. Alycea Tinoyan for Fatherly Th


Kids Can Be Allies, Too

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Alycea Tinoyan for Fatherly Empathy builds allies. Empathy fosters understanding; understanding of both the good and bad aspects of making our way through the world. W


Are Breathable Mattresses Safer? Not Exactly

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© Provided by Fatherly In an Instagram post published shortly before she gave birth, an enthusiastic Arkansas mom shares her baby boy’s picture-perfect crib. Inside s


The Best Kids Snow, Snowboard, and Ski Gear

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© Provided by Fatherly Are you hoping to raise the next Lindsey Vonn or Shaun White ? Then it starts with the best kids snow gear . Toddlers don’t just huck their f


Where Do Our Biases Come From?

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As a parent, it’s crucial to address your own implicit biases and help your kids do the same.  Alycea Tinoyan for Fatherly This story


Can Smoking Weed Help You Lose Weight?

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© Provided by Fatherly The idea of pot smokers as chubby middle-aged dudes who live for junk food and couch surfing is fast becoming obsolete. Plenty of regular cannabi


The Best Gifts for New Moms

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© Provided by Fatherly © Provided by Fatherly So she's going to push out a human. Your human. Get her something that makes her f


The Best Kids Golf Clubs

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© Provided by Fatherly Shopping for kids’ golf clubs is a lot more straightforward than buying their grown-up counterparts. When picking out golf clubs for kids, pare


When Can You Pierce a Baby’s Ears?

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When can you pierce a baby’s ears? © Provided by Fatherly “Babies can’t localize pain, so even though it might be a little bit painful, they can’t reach up an


Do Beans Really Make You Fart?

2021-02-10 08:11:18

© Provided by Fatherly The researchers behind the study expressed concern that people were passing up beans because of concerns about gassiness, despite beans being a l