Why Are These Dogs Hotter Than Me?

2021-03-04 04:42:54

Haute Dog , HBO’s delightfully campy dog grooming reality show, is making me miss the salon. It's the most beautiful salon I've ever seen. Everything sparkles in jewel tones, plus


Are the Giants "Hard Knocks" bound in 2021?

2021-02-24 13:10:14

A ‘Hard Knocks’ film crew at Browns training camp in 2018. In the 15 years of its existence, the New York Giants have never been the subject of the HBO docuserie

Unpostable comment written for Bill's Blog...

2021-02-24 09:59:00

So I should post the warning about Firefox working on this website, but not some other browsers? I did some more testing with Chrome last week, but I think the way the website is broken has


PGA DFS Playbook - WGC-Workday Championship

2021-02-24 06:00:00

I have to start this article by saying a few words about Tiger Woods.  Personally as a lifelong fan of the sport, I was floored when I saw the news.  We all know he has had his de