Question of the Week

2021-03-04 21:12:00

If you could go anywhere on vacation right now, where would you go? DANIEL MOORE, Thompson Falls - “I’d say a Mexican resort.” NATHANIEL MOORE, Seattle, Washington - “If I

Cooperative supports farming for people of color

2021-03-03 14:42:10

A Washington nonprofit is forming a cooperative for provide Black, Indigenous and other farmers of color. “You have to start from ground zero, building a farming community of people of


Why Amnesty Is the Wrong Way to Go

2021-03-01 21:47:57

A liberal columnist depicts them as “living in the shadows.” A conservative commentator calls them a “huge, subterranean population” that exists in fear of one day being “whisked a

Why is Washington obsessed with Yemen?

2021-03-01 18:31:11

Yemen has been at the top of Washington’s foreign policy agenda over the last month. Most Americans find this surprising. Our trade with Yemen is minimal, there isn’t a large Yemeni Amer


HB 1076 ready, waiting for a House vote

2021-02-25 03:57:17

Tell your Washington state legislators: Pass the Worker Protection Act! OLYMPIA (Feb. 25, 2021) — The Worker Protection Act ( HB 1076 ) would create a pathway for working people to blow


Missouri House Passes Voter Photo ID

2021-02-25 03:40:31

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — The Republican-led Missouri House on Wednesday passed another bill to require voter photo identification at the polls, an attempt to reinstate the po


2 Options Strategies to Play Walmart Stock

2021-02-25 03:00:00

Cars drive past a Walmart store in Washington, D.C. When market conditions change, reconsider your strategies. Stocks might come under pressure, and sector l